Wood Talk Show Archive

  • Feed the Ashley

    https://archive.org/download/wt459/WT459.mp3Download Mp3What’s On the Bench Marc is cruising through projects thanks to Jason’s help. He has a new pocket knife fetish. Ashley is in his garage. Shannon is playing with epoxy pore filling. Matt is working on a new trailer and some spice box business.  What’s New Klassen’s new thing Lumber Industry Update Why are […]

  • Cool Your Balls

    https://archive.org/download/wt401-wt458/WT458.mp3Download Mp3On today’s show, we’re talking about variable suction on a dust collector, having helpers in the shop, how to use turning tools, dealing with a twisted board, and wood allergies, What’s On the Bench Marc had hand surgery. Currently working on a bread box. Had a lumber shed built. Shannon got a real vacuum […]

  • Wood Talk Booty Call

    What is this? How did I get here?!

  • The One Where They Quit

    And that’s a wrap!

  • Woodworking Predictions for 2019

    Our woodworking predictions, our woodworking goals for 2019, stickering barrel staves, rite of passage projects, clamping pressure, sanding dovetails, dueling dust collectors, what we watch/listen to, getting back into woodworking after a layoff

  • Marc Sold his Scrub Plane

    Chisel storage, spokeshave use, a jointer buying decision, scrub planes, and rotted sapwood

  • A Call from Yore

    Tool maintenance, spring pole lathes, poorly dried wood, and fine tuning with a jointer

  • Something D-O-O Economics

    Storing lumber, radial arm saws, and adjustable shelf options.

  • We’ve Changed After 10 Years

    Why no lacquer?, our most challenging projects, a painted finish, and out feed tables.

  • Marc’s Dad Called

    Shop layout, differences in bench planes, how much of the tree can be used.

  • Marc Says No

    Planter box finishing, why lumber dealers are closed on the weekends, and is rough lumber necessary?

  • Don’t Klassen Me Bro

    On today’s show we’re talking about: sliding dovetails, the Greg Klassen debacle, drilling 1.5″ holes, and strop maintenance

  • Are Honest Tool Reviews Possible Anymore?

    On today’s show we’re talking about: hard vs soft maple, jack or smoother, router bit storage, and smoky mortise bits

  • Upside Down Rainbow All The Way Across the Sky

    Troubles with a low angle Jack plane, does a square need to be square, and poly or varnish?

  • We Don’t Need No Stinking Miter Fences

    Miter saw fences, stinky shellac, rough sawn lumber, slab prices, sharpening set ups, and woodworking education.

  • An Inch Too Short

    On today’s show we’re talking about what we did on our summer break and a Voicemail extravaganza.

  • You Got Formaldehyde in My Plywood

    Outdoor finish options, what’s the deal with the DelVe Square?, Plywood safety, applying Enduro-Var, making gifts for other woodworkers, expired finishes, soundproofing the shop.

  • Marc’s Butt is Hungry

    what’s the deal with the #6 fore plane?, support for large tops, building boats, and furniture styles

  • We Can’t Take Criticism

    Getting that vintage Cherry look, building movie furniture, how to prepare the shop for the summer, low angle planes, outsourcing finishing, air dried vs kiln dried lumber for a bench, and our critique of bad critiques.

  • All Spalt, No Maple

    On today’s show we’re talking about: selling tools before you move, your first trip to a lumber yard, and table saw power.

  • It Was Always Done that Way

    Edge-banding router bits, boxed beam construction, our contributions to woodworking, to pre-finish or not to pre-finish, drill press speeds, epoxy pouring tips, and should you buy a Domino.

  • We Don’t Know Media

    On today’s show we’re talking about: keeping cool in the summer shop, wood choice for a baton, Getting into chainsaw milling

  • What is Your Favorite Glue?

    On today’s show we’re talking about: a case of the dropsies, what’s the deal with slabs, and flooring for the shop.

  • Loading the Wood Condom

    Building complex reproductions, breadboard end tenon length, cutting board finish, and match-planing boards

  • BS Woodworking Wisdom

    A sarcastic take on the six pieces of woodworking wisdom that are crap.

  • Rough Ride on the Back End

    Struggling to get started on a project, shellac and wax finish, sharpening issues and the MK.II jig, book recommendations, and hollowing with hand tools

  • Fine Woodworking Live 2018

    A special show from Fine Woodworking Live 2018.

  • Pee in the Glue Pot

    Ozoroa reticulata, unnecessary expensive tools, cross grain workbench, and making a table lighter.

  • The Size of the Vertical Member

    Tusk tenons, shelf material, helical upgrade worth it?, and 110v 8″ Jointers?!

  • Woodworking Fads We Hate

    Cheap chisels, the worst woodworking fads, the Woodsmith Shop, end-grain table tops, case miters, and cherry alternative

  • It’s Hard, But You Can Squish It

    Is cheaper walnut worth it?, glue squeeze out, curved veneer panels, some finishing talk.

  • Woodturning Gouges vs Scrapers

    Gouges vs scrapers, low angle jack advice, tack cloths, our business names, and getting into restoration.

  • We Didn’t Quit…Again

    The boys are back! We’re talking about yoga blocks, sources for turning blanks, projects with your kids, and wedges for leg vices.

  • WT426 – Dactylilly

    https://archive.org/download/wt401-wt458/WT_426.mp3Download Mp3On today’s show we’re talking about painting furniture, our favorite hand tools, the best tool for rabbeting, an alternative to latex paint, and the best first hand plane. Voicemails Jay wants to know what would be the best hand tool for rabbeting Email Billy and Nick both have questions about painting furniture and how […]

  • WT425 – Latina Bandsaw

    Grain tear out, bandsaw upgrades, why do they like gray and how can we stop it?, Woodworking stuff in Europe, and what lathe setup to start with.

  • WT424 – Smell those Lacquer Fumes

    Hard wax oil finishes, sharpening gauges, getting into CNC?, securing table tops, and explaining woodworking to the uninitiated.

  • WT423 – Does This Grain Make My Butt Look Fat?

    Putting a vise on a thin bench top, fixing dog holes, and would matt build a bandsaw mill.

  • WT422 – Matt is Wrong About Breadboards

    https://archive.org/download/wt401-wt458/WT_422.mp3Download Mp3On today’s show we’re talking about workbench lumber, whats the deal with breadboard ends, and tool storage. Voicemails Steve is looking for advice on buying a bandsaw Paul wonders if a drum sander or a planer is right for him Email Jeremy is ready to build a nice workbench and needs help with his […]

  • WT421 – Mind the Thigh Gap

    https://archive.org/download/wt401-wt458/WT_421.mp3Download Mp3On today’s show we’re talking about: what glues work best at low temperatures, rust prevention on the hand tools, and mortiser setup What’s On the Bench Marc finished his jewelry box and build a drill bit storage cabinet Matt is almost done with the highboy and starting to plan the waterfall table Shannon is […]

  • WT420 – We Quit…for the Year

    On today’s show we’re talking about glue for bent laminations, storing hardware and fasteners, dust collection basics, and mid priced handsaws.

  • WT419 – Break Out the Hand Lube

    cordless angle grinders, buying lumber without plans, and How thick to cut your logs.

  • WT418 – Horse Plumber’s Butt

    Using plans, smoothing plane angles, what’s the deal with horse butt?, budgeting for the future, and what will come of the Sawstop acquisition?

  • WT417 – Bend Over for the Thick Stuff!

    What to pay for lumber, when to hand cut your dovetails, and gluing up twisted boards.

  • WT416 – I Couldn’t Hold it In

    a bench for a hybrid woodworker, speeding up the cherry’s color change, building for tools, and the morality and ethics of taking inspiration.

  • WT415 – Should Have Been a Guitar

    https://archive.org/download/wt401-wt458/WT_415.mp3Download Mp3On today’s show we’re talking about: woodworking continuing education, buying a Sawstop, and investing in the shop. What’s On the Bench Marc spoke at the Colorado Woodworkers Association Matt is working breaking the guild video record with the highboy Shannon laid on his back all week What’s New Popular Woodworking is creating a lumber […]

  • WT414 – Is Building a Workbench a Rite of Passage?

    https://archive.org/download/wt401-wt458/WT_414.mp3Download Mp3On today’s show we’re talking about: frivolous upgrades, should everyone create content?, is building a workbench a rite of passage, and two blades for the table saw. Voicemail Kory is looking to lessen the UV effects on Redheart. Lyle is having trouble flattening his workbench with a router. Email Clem asks about using 2 […]

  • WT413 – Matt Gets Some

    Woodworkers Fighting Cancer, dealing with pests in the shop, stable hardwoods, and workbench finishes

  • WT412 – Acer Sachar umm something

    Plane blade troubleshooting, keeping things square, cleaning furniture, and shop-made tools.

  • WT411 – Matt with Feathers and Essential Oils

    Rabbets and knickers, the trouble with buying your last tool first, grain direction on a chair seat.

  • WT410 – Bouncing Down the Dado

    Intentionally building out of square, the necessity of miter saws, adding texture, choosing a router plane, and introducing new woodworkers to tools.

  • WT409 – At Least We Didn’t Quit

    Large table sizing, how we charge for our work, and Worksharp sharpening.

  • WT408 – Working With Others in Your Shop

    What it’s like to work with others in your shop. Is it different from a classroom environment? How do you keep the work on track?

  • WT407 – Woe is Us

    sliding vs non-sliding miter saws, workbench crochets, storing logs before milling them

  • WT406 – Upgrade the Bandsaw or Buy it New

    https://archive.org/download/wt401-wt458/WT_406.mp3Download Mp3On today’s weekend show we talk about buying new tools or souping it up. Brian says: I own a 20 year old “14 Delta bandsaw with a cast iron table that has barely been used since I bought it and is in perfect condition. I am about to get back into woodworking again up […]

  • WT405 – Cremona Totem Pole

    When to say and when to plane, losing the battle with hickory, tacky finish, material thickness, and stop blocks, and etc.

  • WT404 – Kids and the Trades

    On today’s weekend show we talk about the future of children entering the trades.

  • WT403 – Matt Rips Chain

    Sapele working properties, Veneering Solid wood, 220v extension cords, and ripping chain.

  • WT402 – Our Average Work Week

    On today’s weekend show we talk about our average work week and time management

  • WT401 – Please Sir May I Have a Blanket Chest

    Working African Mahogany, kerfing out dovetail waste, and one track saw to rule them all.

  • WT400 – What NOT to Do in the Shop

    On today’s weekend show we talk about the things you should never do in the shop.

  • WT399 – Poops McDomino

    Should you bottom out your tenons, plywood potato chips, and a plywood workbench.

  • WT398 – What Makes Us So Happy

    On today’s weekend show we talking about the secret to happiness.

  • WT397 – Rehydrated Poop Nuggets

    How to know if your furniture can handle the load, moving a project from AC to non-AC room, and should you mill everything all at once?!

  • WT396 – Who Is the Average Woodworker

    https://archive.org/download/wt301-wt400/WT_396.mp3Download Mp3On today’s weekend show we talking about what defines “the average woodworker” Robert wrote in to ask about the right table saw for the average woodworker and Marc blew it up into a socio-political commentary about tools and woodworking

  • WT395 – The Professional Show

    Milling logs, oil and wax on hand tools causing finishing problems, when to use a loose mortise and tenon, boards bowing off the saw mill, and panel raising planes

  • WT 394- Do You Cut Your Stored Lumber to Length?

    On today’s weekend show we talking about how whether to cut lumber that is too long for your storage

  • WT 393- A 2×4 isn’t 2×4?!

    Fixing a blued gouge, material for shop cabinets, and glueing up a big butcher block countertop.

  • WT 392- Measure Once, Cut 6 Times

    Measuring and relative dimensioning.

  • WT 391- Shannon Gets Kicked Off the Show

    Marc’s rusty planes and Milling and Drying live oak.

  • WT390 – Parenting & Making Stuff

    On the Weekend Show, Bob from I Like to Make Stuff joins us for a discussion about parenting and making stuff.

  • WT389 – Bob Likes to Make Stuff

    SketchUp for sissies, moving a shop, blending 3d printing and fine woodworking, and do Matt and Marc feel inferior because the don’t mess with electronics like Bob Clagett?

  • WT388 – Wood Movement and Wood Thickness

    On today’s weekend show we talking about the wood movement and veneer thickness.

  • WT387 – Marc Likes ‘Em Curvy and Complicated

    Marc’s sexy curvy legs, milling square stock, and making sliding dovetails by hand.

  • WT386 – Taking on Projects Above Your Skill Level

    Tackling projects that are too advanced for your skill level.

  • WT385 – Two Horny Wolves

    Sprung breadboard ends, which hand tools should you spend money on, and getting started as a college student

  • WT384 – Tool Acquisition Disorder

    On today’s weekend show, we’re talking about acquiring tools before you are ready.

  • WT383 – Choke Up On It

    https://archive.org/download/wt301-wt400/WT_383.mp3Download Mp3On today’s show we’re talking about different types of chisels, getting the most from your Jack plane, and what if matt moves?! What’s On the Bench Marc is building a wall Matt is cleaning his shop Shannon went to NYC to see a broadway show What’s New Marc was on the Modern Maker Podcast, […]

  • WT382 – Are Your Projects Art?

    We discuss the concept of art and if our projects qualify as art.

  • WT381 – Stick it in the Wood

    https://archive.org/download/wt301-wt400/WT_381.mp3Download Mp3On today’s show we’re talking about amber water-based finish, what’s the deal with Drill presses, and how to use a moisture meter. Don’t forget to check out Brusso’s new Photo Extra Newsletter! What’s On the Bench Marc is fixing the signs at his son’s daycare Matt is slabbing logs Shannon is preparing for a […]

  • WT380 – Would You Still Work the Same Way?

    We’re talking about how our shops and working styles might be different if we didn’t have our respective businesses.

  • WT379 – Pooping in the Slop Sink

    Router-cut mortises, demystifying plywood, solid or ply bathroom vanity,

  • WT378 – Should You Join a Guild?

    whether to join a local woodworking guild

  • WT377 – Matt Would Tap That

    Trimming a frame flush to the top, Thousand Canker Disease, and selling your old tools.

  • WT376 – What is Our Endgame

    On today’s weekend show, we’re talking about the end game in our businesses.

  • WT375 – We Want Mo Mona

    https://archive.org/download/wt301-wt400/WT_375.mp3Download Mp3On today’s show we’re talking about if the finish is ruined once it starts curing in the can and giving up on a tool or project What’s On the Bench Marc is making chair templates Shannon installed track lighting What’s New New video from Doucette and Wolfe! The Birth of a Dugout Canoe The […]

  • WT374 – Woodworking Vacation

    https://archive.org/download/wt301-wt400/WT_374.mp3Download Mp3On today’s weekend show, we’re talking about woodworking away from home. What Are We Talking About Darth Rust asked: I’m overseas for the rest of this year, what are some good ways to stay engaged in the craft, perhaps even be productive? I’ve brought sketchup and the honey-do list, a couple of books from […]

  • WT373 – Axial Tilt of Siberian Lurch

    Vertical vs horizontal lumber storage, finishing uneven Cherry, and being neighborly.

  • WT372 – Safety Tips We Don’t Follow

    Today we’re keeping it real by talking about safety advice we don’t adhere to.

  • WT371 – 10 Years of Madness

    We’re celebrating 10 years of Wood Talk!

  • WT370 – Our Sharpening Setups

    Our sharpening set ups and what we use to draw blood.

  • WT369 – Marc Leaves the Show

    On today’s show, we’re talking about small dados and clamping squares!!

  • WT368 – Dumbest Things We Have Ever Made

    We discuss projects we’ve made for no reason other than to have fun.

  • WT367 – Matt Loves Us

    Card scraper thickness, what’s your highest grit before finishing, and asymetrical dovetail layout

  • WT366 – Tool Overkill

    What tools we feel are total overkill in our shops.

  • WT365 – Furry Bottomed Woodworking

    Chisel recommendations for a newb, when to stop face jointing, static explosions, and movement in manufactured furniture

  • WT364 – Pricing Lumber

    Today we’re discussing lumber prices and regional variability.

  • WT363 – Hot Garbage Woodworking

    Plywood vs solid wood for panels, electrical draw from a saw mill, and french cleats.

  • WT362 – Going Out on a Design Limb

    When do you push yourself with your design? Does going out on a limb automatically mean that some people will hate it?

  • WT361 – Artisanal Crotch Wood

    The joy of tracksaws, strength of loose tenons, and getting into welding.

  • WT360 – The Maker Movement and Its Effect on Quality

    On a recent trip to Michaels Craft Store, Shannon was disgusted by all the junk on the shelves purporting to be Maker kits.