Wood Talk Show Archive

  • WT 392- Measure Once, Cut 6 Times

    Measuring and relative dimensioning.

  • WT 391- Shannon Gets Kicked Off the Show

    Marc’s rusty planes and Milling and Drying live oak.

  • WT390 – Parenting & Making Stuff

    On the Weekend Show, Bob from I Like to Make Stuff joins us for a discussion about parenting and making stuff.

  • WT389 – Bob Likes to Make Stuff

    SketchUp for sissies, moving a shop, blending 3d printing and fine woodworking, and do Matt and Marc feel inferior because the don’t mess with electronics like Bob Clagett?

  • WT388 – Wood Movement and Wood Thickness

    On today’s weekend show we talking about the wood movement and veneer thickness.

  • WT387 – Marc Likes ‘Em Curvy and Complicated

    Marc’s sexy curvy legs, milling square stock, and making sliding dovetails by hand.

  • WT386 – Taking on Projects Above Your Skill Level

    Tackling projects that are too advanced for your skill level.

  • WT385 – Two Horny Wolves

    Sprung breadboard ends, which hand tools should you spend money on, and getting started as a college student

  • WT384 – Tool Acquisition Disorder

    On today’s weekend show, we’re talking about acquiring tools before you are ready.

  • WT383 – Choke Up On It

    Download Mp3On today’s show we’re talking about different types of chisels, getting the most from your Jack plane, and what if matt moves?! What’s On the Bench Marc is building a wall Matt is cleaning his shop Shannon went to NYC to see a broadway show What’s New Marc was on the Modern Maker Podcast, […]

  • WT382 – Are Your Projects Art?

    We discuss the concept of art and if our projects qualify as art.

  • WT381 – Stick it in the Wood

    Download Mp3On today’s show we’re talking about amber water-based finish, what’s the deal with Drill presses, and how to use a moisture meter. Don’t forget to check out Brusso’s new Photo Extra Newsletter! What’s On the Bench Marc is fixing the signs at his son’s daycare Matt is slabbing logs Shannon is preparing for a […]

  • WT380 – Would You Still Work the Same Way?

    We’re talking about how our shops and working styles might be different if we didn’t have our respective businesses.

  • WT379 – Pooping in the Slop Sink

    Router-cut mortises, demystifying plywood, solid or ply bathroom vanity,

  • WT378 – Should You Join a Guild?

    whether to join a local woodworking guild

  • WT377 – Matt Would Tap That

    Trimming a frame flush to the top, Thousand Canker Disease, and selling your old tools.

  • WT376 – What is Our Endgame

    On today’s weekend show, we’re talking about the end game in our businesses.

  • WT375 – We Want Mo Mona

    Download Mp3On today’s show we’re talking about if the finish is ruined once it starts curing in the can and giving up on a tool or project What’s On the Bench Marc is making chair templates Shannon installed track lighting What’s New New video from Doucette and Wolfe! The Birth of a Dugout Canoe The […]

  • WT374 – Woodworking Vacation

    Download Mp3On today’s weekend show, we’re talking about woodworking away from home. What Are We Talking About Darth Rust asked: I’m overseas for the rest of this year, what are some good ways to stay engaged in the craft, perhaps even be productive? I’ve brought sketchup and the honey-do list, a couple of books from […]

  • WT373 – Axial Tilt of Siberian Lurch

    Vertical vs horizontal lumber storage, finishing uneven Cherry, and being neighborly.

  • WT372 – Safety Tips We Don’t Follow

    Today we’re keeping it real by talking about safety advice we don’t adhere to.

  • WT371 – 10 Years of Madness

    We’re celebrating 10 years of Wood Talk!

  • WT370 – Our Sharpening Setups

    Our sharpening set ups and what we use to draw blood.

  • WT369 – Marc Leaves the Show

    On today’s show, we’re talking about small dados and clamping squares!!

  • WT368 – Dumbest Things We Have Ever Made

    We discuss projects we’ve made for no reason other than to have fun.

  • WT367 – Matt Loves Us

    Card scraper thickness, what’s your highest grit before finishing, and asymetrical dovetail layout

  • WT366 – Tool Overkill

    What tools we feel are total overkill in our shops.

  • WT365 – Furry Bottomed Woodworking

    Chisel recommendations for a newb, when to stop face jointing, static explosions, and movement in manufactured furniture

  • WT364 – Pricing Lumber

    Today we’re discussing lumber prices and regional variability.

  • WT363 – Hot Garbage Woodworking

    Plywood vs solid wood for panels, electrical draw from a saw mill, and french cleats.

  • WT362 – Going Out on a Design Limb

    When do you push yourself with your design? Does going out on a limb automatically mean that some people will hate it?

  • WT361 – Artisanal Crotch Wood

    The joy of tracksaws, strength of loose tenons, and getting into welding.

  • WT360 – The Maker Movement and Its Effect on Quality

    On a recent trip to Michaels Craft Store, Shannon was disgusted by all the junk on the shelves purporting to be Maker kits.

  • WT359 – Free Donuts

    Extra jointer support, taming tapers, diamond vs water stones, and leaving the bark on slabs.

  • WT358 – Workbench Tops and Deadmen

    We’re taking 2 questions on workbenches: top material and the effectiveness of the deadman

  • WT357 – Old Woodworkers Poop Their Pants

    Live edge table bases, air dried vs kiln dried lumber, and Stationary log vs stationary head mills.

  • WT356 – Woodworking Sponsors and YouTube

    YouTube and Fine Woodworking as well as getting sponsors.

  • WT355 – Keep Your Limbs Above the Crotch

    Long-term tool storage, selling at craft shows, and quartersawn lumber.

  • WT354 – Tool Accessories that Make Life Easier

    We each name an accessory that makes life easier.

  • WT353 – Matt’s Junkyard

    Glue line seams, dowels vs floating tenons, and a sawmill cnc router conversion.

  • WT352 – Lower Quality Wood Products in Our Homes?

    Talking about the wood products in our home and how we feel about them.

  • WT351 – So Easy a Monkey Can Do It

    Casket joinery, dust collection for a small shop, and table top board direction

  • WT350 – The Mulligan Show

    An email grab bag show!

  • WT349 – Mullet Truck

    Staining complex projects, Matt’s building a solar kiln?!?!, and wood movement in wide boards.

  • WT348 – Nadda Finga

    Would you take this deal?!

  • WT347 – Now With 33.3% More Matt

    Favorite finishing books, to sharpen router bits or not, miter saws vs table saws, and plywood with hand tools???

  • WT346 – 2017 Woodworking Resolutions

    Our woodworking goals and resolutions for 2017.

  • WT345 – Marc Hates Matt

    Epoxy shelf life, stropping, and bandsaw blade life expectancy

  • WT344 – Go Big on the Tool or Get Accessories

    Is it better to buy the better quality tool or the lower quality and get accessories?

  • WT343 – Marc Drops a Hot One

    Router bit buying strategy, lathe tool recommendations, jointer planes, and where to put the drill press.

  • WT342 – Pitfalls of an Online Business

    Some of the risks and pitfalls of running an online business.

  • WT341 – The Best $41 You Ever Spent

    Shop sub-floors, files for restoring saws, basement woodworking, purpleheart resin, acute angles, and making big projects in small spaces.

  • WT340 – Making Purty Panels

    Getting a grain and color match in a panel.

  • WT339 – A Fart in the Wind

    When to use your air cleaner, tensioning a bandsaw blade, planing a glued up carcass.

  • WT338 – Black Friday Woodworking Style

    What are the big Black Friday deals we have seen in the past and what have we taken advantage of.

  • WT337 – Dusty Plumber’s Butt

    Oil finish in a low powered turbine, installing opposing drawer slides, and notching corners.

  • WT336 – Us as Kids

    Your co-hosts as kids. What were we into? Anything that showed aptitude for woodworking or video-making?

  • WT335 – Marc Likes Fishnets

    Oil and wax finish on a butcher block, wall storage in a concrete walled shop, and starting a business.

  • WT334 – Tool Buying Advice

    Our thoughts on where to get tool-buying advice.

  • WT333 – Pressure Washer of Death

    Using a frame and panel for a tool chest door, fixing an orange peel lacquer finish, and narrow piece kickback.

  • WT332 – Camcorders vs DSLRs

    Download Mp3On today’s weekend show, we’re talking about camcorders vs DSLRs and how we use them in our shops. What We’re Using Marc has a Sony PXW-Z-150 something or other Shannon is using a Canon Vixia HF100, GoPro Hero Black 3, GoPro Session, Polaroid Cube, and his iPhone 6s Matt has a Sony thingy ma bobber […]

  • WT331 – Scary Bosses

    Download Mp3On today’s show, we’re talking about glossy wood without finish, choosing woods for your design, how much wood for a workbench. What’s On the Bench Marc is a slacker! Matt installed the idle wheel on the band mill Shannon is turning and doing shop stuff What’s New Marc has a new YouTube channel Marc […]

  • WT330 – Balls of Steel

    Download Mp3On today’s show, we’re talking about setting your miter gauge to square, wood hardness scales, and T1-11 for the shop walls. What’s On the Bench Marc is moving his shop…again Matt and April sold out to Triton Shannon has begun his Christmas turning odyssey What’s New Matthew shared a video about a wooden kayak […]

  • WT329 – Shallow and Pedantic

    Tricky double-sided tape, buying your first backsaw, and router tables.

  • WT328 – Don’t Want to Eat It But I’ll Squish It

    Learning to sharpen saws, shop lighting options, and where do you get your horse butt.

  • WT327 – Upright Wench

    Oil stones vs water stones, how to avoid mistakes related to rushing, and setting pricing expectations

  • WT326 – Wilbur’s Big Hakones

    curved cauls, who need’s ’em!, what’s matt going to do with all of those slabs, what’s the deal with Purpleheart, and all kinds of backwards sawing and softwood only Japanese woodworking questions for our guest host Wilbur Pan.

  • WT325 – Mineral Spirits Shots

    Download Mp3Today’s show is sponsored by Brusso Hardware. Use the code “Woodtalk” to save 10% off our first order at Brusso.com On today’s show we’re talking about Woodworking in America, child safe finishes, hiring a sawyer, and when to sharpen your saws. What’s On the Bench We are at Woodworking in America this week all […]

  • WT324 – Matt Knows Offerman

    Getting hot with epoxy, outdoor bar top options, and jointing a strip of moulding by hand.

  • WT323 – Hard is Not Hard

    Download Mp3On today’s show, we’re talking about practicing dovetails, differences between gravity and syphon HVLP guns, keeping our shops organized, and period furniture resources. Want to check out the video version of the show (recorded live)? Go here!  What’s On the Bench Marc is finalizing the Grandfather clock project Matt finished the Farm House Table […]

  • WT322 – It’s My Matt in a Box

    Choosing joinery, sanding small pieces without rounding them over, hand planing crowns, and glueing up joints.

  • WT321 – The Great WoodTalk Sellout

    Disposing of sawdust, using PT lumber, and how much to let panels float.

  • Patreon Announcement

    You can now support Wood Talk on Patreon!

  • WT320 – Virgin Viscosity

    Knowing when your planer and jointer blades are dull and including torsion box assembly tables in small spaces.

  • WT319 – MyCremona Dot Com

    Ductless Mini Splits VA PTAC in the shop, cutting accurate miters, sticky poly, and dealing with dank basements.

  • WT318 – Marc Hates the French

    Poly getting thicker, green lumber, and some voicemail roulette.

  • WT317 – Horse Butt 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Sharpening stone contamination, dealing with hardware on our projects.

  • WT316 – My FroMona

    Download Mp3Today’s show is sponsored by QALO. These rings are incredibly comfortable and start at just $15.99. Head to qalo.com, and use the discount code “WoodTalk” for 15% off your order. On today’s show, we’re talking about refinishing a table top, fixing a laundry rack, determining if an old table is veneered, cambering jointer plane […]

  • WT315 – Bandsaw Mill Dovetails

    Download Mp3On today’s show we’re talking about keeping your shop clean and working in the heat. What’s On the Bench Marc went Kerouac on everyone’s ass Matt finished up his trim and is starting work on a band saw mill Shannon built a wall and played with PVC trimwork. What’s New Graham Haydon has left […]

  • WT314 – Frank Lloyd Wrong?

    Finish on a shower stool, hand cut miters, and building a shop on a budget.

  • WT313 – Shannon is Better Wet

    Sheet goods for exterior use, Japanese saws vs western saws, and tool recommendations gone wrong.

  • WT312 – Baby Paul Bunyan

    Hand tool fatigue, using a woodworking miter saw as a metal cut-off saw, and the right finish for furniture in a rental property.

  • WT311 – Mateo Says Hi!

    An in-depth discussion about what’s going on in our shops and we offer some general woodworking wisdom (if we have any)!

  • WT310 – Marc Got Lei’d

    Attaching a butcher block top to a base, getting started in woodcarving, 110v jointers, and our featured topic, how to deal with shop frustration and maximizing limited time.

  • WT 309 – Matt Sandwich

    DIY projects and the tools we use to DIY.

  • WT 308 – Exercise Matt

    Dealing with pitch in your 2×4’s, rabbets planes, back pain, and how often function dictates our wood choice.

  • WT 307 – Pinky Out Planing

    End grain orientation for panels, smoothing a bookmatched panel, scraping glue, and our featured topic, the Festool Domino vs the world!

  • WT306 – Is that a Log in Your Pocket or a Snake?

    Sanding between coats, spalting your wood for fun and profit, resaw or plane, and hobbies outside of woodworking.

  • WT305 – Good Fartin’ Weather

    Mallets & chisel handles, protecting our electronic gear in the shop, shop security, keeping walnut from fading, and our featured topic, how much rehab can you do on a tool before it loses its soul?

  • WT304 – Don’t Defile Your Chisels

    jointing woes, router planes, breadboard ends, and our featured topic, how has video production impacted our woodworking.

  • WT303 – Marc Has a Splinter

    We’re talking about chisel handling, lubing plunge posts, and choosing hardware

  • WT302 – Matt Shakes that Healthy Butt

    On today’s Anniversary/April Fool’s show we’re talking about clamping out gaps, prepping old cabinets for new paint, and securing socket chisel handles.

  • WT301 – It’s All About Diresta

    Download Mp3Today’s show is brought to you by Harrys.com where you can get high quality razors in the mail at a fraction of the cost from the stores. Use promo code WoodTalk to save 10% off your first order. On today’s show we’re talking about Gaming Table improvements, round bottom spokeshaves, ditching the miter saw, […]

  • WT300 – Woodworker Guilt!

    Download Mp3Today’s show is sponsored by Harry’s where you get low cost, high quality razors. Woodtalk listeners can use coupon code ‘WOODTALK’ for 10% off your first order at Harrys.com And special thanks to Peter Brown, Jim Gavacs, Brian Prusa for their contributions! On today’s show we’re talking about boiled linseed oil explosions, ripping chains, […]

  • WT299 – Don’t Shave Your Adopted Children

    Download Mp3Today’s show is sponsored by Harry’s where you get low cost, high quality razors. Woodtalk listeners can use coupon code ‘WOODTALK’ for 10% off your first order at Harrys.com On today’s show we’re talking about cleaning HVLP guns between coats,width of the plane mouth, swirlies, and our featured topic: kids in the shop. What’s […]

  • WT298 – Marc’s Daddy’s Money

    Download Mp3Today’s show is sponsored by Harry’s where you get low cost, high quality razors. Woodtalk listeners can use coupon code ‘WOODTALK’ for 10% off your first order at Harrys.com On today’s show we’re talking about apartment-friendly finishes, using a rabbet block plane, sawing up some old logs, and our featured topic: how many projects […]

  • WT297 – Cremona Cold

    Cutting a juice groove in a cutting board, planers and Pine, bench top mortisers, power carving tools for bowls, and our strategies for dealing with squeeze out.

  • WT296 – Horse Butt

    Trouble with a Mission Oak Finish, saw tooth geometry, grain direction in a panel, finishing all sides of a board at once, heating a workshop, project stability when shipping across the country, proper clamping pressure, and our Featured topic: how to do Woodworking in America right!

  • WT295 – Wood Talk Roulette

    WoodTalk Roulette where we will grab emails from the mail bag at random and answer them.

  • WT294 – Biscuit Depression

    Designing your own projects, biscuit depression, starting a saw, and attaching a table top.