WT294 – Biscuit Depression

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On today’s show we’re talking about designing your own projects, biscuit depression, starting a saw, and attaching a table top.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is working on his bed and contemplating wood for the panels.
  • Shannon is getting OCD about the cubbies in his sharpening station.
  • Matt is dovetailing a drawer

What’s New

  • Huck shared a video about Aurious rasps being made.
  • Woodworking in America is coming! Shannon is teaching but you should go anyway.


  • John has finally gotten his card scraper working properly.
  • Eric wants to know whether to buy English style or Lie Nielsen style mortise chisels.
  • Tim explained his fresh air kit a little better, its not just a hole in the wall.

Featured Topics

  • How do you make the transition from plans to designing your own stuff or reproducing from a photo?


  • Richard wants to know what happened to Kaleo Kala
  • Nate wants to know how to get rid of snipe in his bench top planer.
  • Jeff is getting air bubbles in his epoxy fixes.


  • Howard joined a panel with biscuits and now they are telegraphing through. What gives? He says.
  • John is struggling to get his carcass saw started and wonders if there are any tips or tricks for starting a handsaw.
  • Johnny wants to know how to attach a coffee table top to its base.

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