WT 392- Measure Once, Cut 6 Times

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On today’s weekend show we talking about measuring and relative dimensioning.

Andy wrote in with this to say:

A friend who is new to woodworking called me to ask for help because he was frustrated so I went over to his house to help him. While we were going through the steps of his project there were several instances where I did multiple cuts on a piece of scrap wood or on the end of a board that I knew would be cut off for the final fit to “sneak up” on a tight fit. It was a eureka moment for him and I realized that a lot of his information comes from watching sped up youtube videos and he just assumed those builders just used the old adage to “measure twice, cut once”. It made me realize that often for fine woodworking my method of work is to “measure once and cut two or three times”. What are your thoughts?

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