All Spalt, No Maple

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On today’s show we’re talking about: selling tools before you move, your first trip to a lumber yard, and table saw power.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is on round 2 of the edits for his new book
  • Matt tried resin stabilizing for the first time
  • Shannon is repairing some veneer with a patch

What’s New


  • William hates auto follow bots on Instagram
  • Matt asks if idiotic comments have made us retreat behind our respective pay walls.
  • James has some feedback on the Festool Domino

Lumber Industry Update

Is it the death of the board foot??


  • Eric is moving and asks what he should keep and what he should sell as he looks at moving into a smaller shop
  • Gregg has a 1.75 HP table saw and finds it is bogging down with relatively light jobs
  • Cathi is about to go to a real lumber yard for the first time and asks for advice on that first trip

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