WT415 – Should Have Been a Guitar

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On today’s show we’re talking about: woodworking continuing education, buying a Sawstop, and investing in the shop.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc spoke at the Colorado Woodworkers Association
  • Matt is working breaking the guild video record with the highboy
  • Shannon laid on his back all week

What’s New


  • Josh has some thoughts on the content creation question from last week


  • Eric has a question about the sizes of plywood sheets
  • Scott has some waxed covered wood that is giving him problems


  • Bob wants to know how we continue our own woodworking education
  • Andrea needs help to buy her husband a SawStop
  • David has a successful shop and wonders if he should upgrade his tools now or later

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2 Responses to “WT415 – Should Have Been a Guitar”

  1. Hey guys,

    Thank you all for your contributions to the wonderful world of woodworking. I’ve been a listener since episode #1, and you all have educated and amazed me.

    I just finished reconditioning a cutting board made of laminated bamboo, and it’s my first time working with it. I don’t remember hearing or seeing any of you talk about working with it (forgive me if you have), but as bamboo is becoming more popular as an alternative to wood, I would really like to get your thoughts and perceptions on working with it.

    Thanks for keeping WoodTalk going — I really appreciate it!

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