Woodworking Predictions for 2019

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On today’s show we’re talking about: our woodworking predictions, our woodworking goals for 2019, stickering barrel staves, rite of passage projects, clamping pressure, sanding dovetails, dueling dust collectors, what we watch/listen to, getting back into woodworking after a layoff.


  • John got a hold of a bunch of green barrel staves and wants to know how to store them
  • Michael is uncertain how much clamping pressure to apply
  • Michaels asks how we sand our dovetail corners
  • The mystery of of dueling dust collectors


  • Rachel asks what we think about skipping rite of passage projects and just building what she wants
  • Jason wonders what we actually watch for woodworking education and entertainment
  • Stump asks about the best way to get back into woodworking after an extended time away

2019 Predictions and Goals

The boys discuss what they think will happen in the next year to our little woodworking universe. They then discuss what our personal goals are related to their own woodworking.

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7 Responses to “Woodworking Predictions for 2019”

  1. Just had some kickback on the dueling dust collectors. Without going too deep into fluid dynamics and pump laws, connecting them in series will increase the system pressure (suction) and connecting them in parallel will increase the volumetric flow rate (cfm). Without increasing the diameter of the main line you will experience a significant amount of head loss though. Just thought that needed cleared up a bit. Thanks for the show.

    • This is the same question I asked Oneda (2 collectors in parallel). Their reply was the volume of air would be the combined amount. The suction would be the same as the lowest one.

  2. The system will default to the more powerful collector anyhow. But at least in a parallel system it comes down to piping. The system needs to be an exact mirror image of the other. Without doing that your gonna wind up emptying one more then the other

  3. Isn’t the obvious solution being overlooked here? If you have two dust collectors put them on either side of the shop and have them hooked up to different tools..

  4. Kickback – Feedback on the staves issue.
    I’m wondering if the caller was referring to the fact that the staves all have a curve to them, so you can’t lay them “flat” to sticker, because they have a curve to them?

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