Wood Talk Booty Call

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On today’s show we’re talking about why we’re talking at all! We quit, didn’t we?!

What’s On the Bench

  • Matt has a new baby, built another sawmill and is making a hand tool cabinet.
  • Shannon has too many projects going on at the same time and is confused.
  • Marc went to Jory Brigham’s shop and has a new employee.

What’s New


  • Thanks for all of the great feedback on us quitting.

Lumber Industry Update

  • Talk of the extreme cold killing off the Emerald Ash Borer may be overstated.

Stuff We Hate

  • “The Internet” changes its mind about what tools and techniques are acceptable.


  • Jordan wants some tips on a shop move.
  • Lots of people asked for advice on planes to buy for a power tool woodworker.
  • Kevin wants to know if he should sticker when he stacks aged lumber.
  • Robert needs some advice on his large bridle joints.
  • Corky wants to attach face frames with no nails.
  • Dale is getting some weird results with his cheap moisture meter.


18 Responses to “Wood Talk Booty Call”

  1. I am so glad you guys aren’t killing it for good. Going to an occasional show that’s done when you actually want to do it will be good for you. I drive A LOT for work and always enjoy listening and learning. Thank you for all the content you’ve given over the years, I look forward to hearing the next one.

  2. So glad you’re not quitting. I really don’t mind if you’re only monthly, quarterly, or even yearly, it’s like catching up with old friends at this point. I totally understand being done with weekly, do it when you want to, I’ll still be sub’d.

  3. Love that you guys are back… Glad I didn’t delete your feed.

    If and when you do another show, I’d love to know how your numbers came out, after telling everyone to delete your feed.

    I guess it was the hard core fans that know the show still has a pulse!

    Thanks for not really quitting!

  4. Have you ever forgotten to eat, and your next meal is the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted? Not sure if it’s the deprivation of new episodes, but this may be my favorite Wood Talk. I’ve listened to the back catalog almost 2 times over now.

    The chemistry is great. Sounds like the break gives you guys a good chance to approach the show more relaxed, and genuinely excited to do the show.

    Well worth the wait.

    Look forward to the next one, and catching up with the old gang!

  5. Imagine my surprise when I was going to listen to a past episode! Thank you so much for staying on! Quarterly “updates” make a ton of sense. You guys are an inspiration – thank you for what you do.

  6. Thanks for not quitting. I almost impaled myself on my mother in law’s knitting needles in horror when I saw the new episode mysteriously appear on my phone. Along with the new season of Game of Thrones, and you guys coming in my ears, this has been one happy weekend.
    By the way, I am not really called Matt, my name is Paul, but statistically I have more chance of getting a mention if I use the pseudonym “Matt”.

    Less is more!

  7. YAY!!!

    So glad to hear you again. Thanks for the show and I look forward to the show next quarter. Matt was great on this show, the sarcasm is the best.

    Thanks again

  8. Here is an email question for the next show.
    What are some of the better selling products for a woodworker looking to make and sell items online or through local gift shops.
    I do have a CNC and a pretty decent shop just looking for some ideas to market.

    Thoughts on a 20″ disc sander, worth it?

    when will you guys be in the chicago area next?

  9. Dear Mike, Sharon and Mack,
    I just listened to the premier episode of your reunion tour. Thanks for unquitting!

    I must admit that I am one of those long-time listeners and freeloaders who has always enjoyed your show, but couldn’t be bothered to tell you that. I’ve always favored your banter, and your abilities to not take yourselves too seriously, despite being the top authorities in this field. I would listen to a podcast with the three of you, regardless of the subject. Perhaps a movie review spinoff is in order?

    This episode’s “Stuff We Hate” segment reminded me of the time my unpleasant and boisterously racist neighbor let himself into my shop and held me hostage in order to explain why phillips-head and torx screws were running his life. Flathead screws are The One True Joinery, and we should forsake all others beneath them.

    His points were many and his persuasion was powerful. Time no longer exists when you’re held captive for so long and your captor invokes his right of, “I’m old and I’ll fart when I want to,” to the point that your once friendly shop space becomes a gas chamber.

    Knowing time was short and I was near death, I faked a bit of Stockholm Syndrome and joined his side. Praise be to the dumbest of all fasteners! …and when I started gaining his trust, I faked a crying baby noise and retreated to the safety of my house to sooth the non-existent upset infant.

    With one of those fancy aluminum foil blankets you see in cop movies draped over my shoulders, and the consoling caresses of my loving wife and a bottle of bourbon, I was eventually able to put that fateful night behind me. It did leave me scarred however… Now, whenever I encounter a flathead screw in the back of an old chair upon investigating a wobbly leg in need of tightening, I panic, throw the chair in a dumpster, and light it on fire, just to be safe.

    Okay, this may have gotten out of hand once I started trying to put my story into words. My point is I enjoy the stuff all you guys put out, and I’ll listen and watch whatever it is, whenever it happens.

    Thanks Guys!

  10. This was a pleasant surprise! I’m so glad I was too lazy to unsubscribe. Thank you for not quitting. I’m looking forward to another surprise in a few months time.


  11. It was a very pleasant surprise to find this in my inbox. I was really sad to see you guys call it quits. You all seem to vary happy to be doing Wood Talk on this show. I’ll look forward to hearing from you whenever you feel like getting together for another show.

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