All Spalt, No Maple

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On today’s show we’re talking about: selling tools before you move, your first trip to a lumber yard, and table saw power.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc is on round 2 of the edits for his new book
  • Matt tried resin stabilizing for the first time
  • Shannon is repairing some veneer with a patch

What’s New


  • William hates auto follow bots on Instagram
  • Matt asks if idiotic comments have made us retreat behind our respective pay walls.
  • James has some feedback on the Festool Domino

Lumber Industry Update

Is it the death of the board foot??


  • Eric is moving and asks what he should keep and what he should sell as he looks at moving into a smaller shop
  • Gregg has a 1.75 HP table saw and finds it is bogging down with relatively light jobs
  • Cathi is about to go to a real lumber yard for the first time and asks for advice on that first trip

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6 Responses to “All Spalt, No Maple”

  1. In regards to “We Don’t Know Media”, I just saw a post by the Samurai Woodworker about his online school that he is starting. The comments on the post mentioned things like “Well it was nice watching the free content, but I guess I’ll have to go somewhere else because $20 a month is too rich for my blood.” $20 is how much it costs for two trips to Taco Bell. This really reiterates what yall were saying about woodworkers wanting to buy expensive tools, but being cheap about everything else. If you have ever watched any of the Samurai’s content, he does a superb job and has a lot that he can teach to others, and is definitely worth more than $20 a month. Well thanks for all that yall do, and thank you for not knitting.

  2. Another Great episode! I wanted to share my thoughts on the spam bot instagram accounts. I have a private account, not because I don’t want to show people my stuff, but to keep these automated accounts from just scrapping stuff and getting friends list. I report these automated accounts daily, and every single time I have reported one Instagram has deleted the account.

  3. Cathi, what part of the world do you live in? I’m sure someone here knows the best place to go in your area where you can feel comfortable.

  4. Just remember that it doesn’t mean that jobs are going off-shore just because a Chinese company took ownership. They may leave production right here in the US and just drop everyone’s wages by 50%.

    Have a good day.

  5. Hey Mark that person that commented on your short video may not mean it as a negative. It could be they were just saying that they missed these type of shorts and were glad to see they were back.

    As for the board foot it’s just like when the tools industry added metric items to their inventory it forces a price increase to the repair industry to go out and buy new tools to be able to continue to do their jobs and we really didn’t have a need for new sizes of nuts and bolts. Big income for the makers and big loss potentially for the repairers who don’t raise their prices because it is an insidious process of adding things 1 or 2 at a time and not realizing the total cost.

    I don’t know what it is about lumber yards but they act like it’s a problem to help people. I guess they now that the big commissions come in the morning when the builders show up. Where else are you going to go? I only know of 1 lumber yard where you can get anything other than white wood as it’s now called and that’s close to an hour away.

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