WT341 – The Best $41 You Ever Spent

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On today’s show, we’re talking about shop sub-floors, files for restoring saws, basement woodworking, purpleheart resin, acute angles, and making big projects in small spaces.

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc has gotten his lights in the shop installed and is getting ready to build an arcade cabinet
  • Matt is…wait for it…making a bandsaw mill.
  • Shannon is finishing up his Christmas turning

What’s New

  • Making It hit their 100th episode and had a great event in Boston, congrats Bob, Dave, and Jimmy
  • Fine Woodworking Live registration is now open. The event will be held in Southbridge, MA on April 21-23, 2017


  • Larry cautioned Marc about getting more estimates on a mini split
  • Lex is a professional industrial hygienist and had some good feedback on air filters and dust masks


  • Joe is looking for finish recommendations and heat for basement shop
  • AJ has a big project in small space problem
  • Jason is getting Purpleheart resin surfacing on his cutting board
  • Steve wants to know why riftsawn lumber is beter to hide a glue line than quartersawn?
  • Michael wants to know how to cut acute angles on his tablesaw


  • Dane is moving into a new shop and is wondering about flooring and subflooring and the ability to support heavy tools
  • Wilson is getting started on restoring saws and wonders which files to use.

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8 Responses to “WT341 – The Best $41 You Ever Spent”

  1. Marc: I wouldn’t worry too much about the your mini-split install price being to high. The mini-split re-seller is probably making most if not all their margin on new equipment they sell and not on the installation labor. (At least I was when I resold Mitsubishi mini-splits). Makes sense they would charge you more to install your old piece of equipment vs. installing something they just marked up 20-40% over their cost and sold you.

    Matt: I’d be cautious about bringing a basement shop into the conditioned space of the house by tying it into the furnace. If you just ran a supply duct to the shop, then you’d be pressurizing that space with respect to the rest of the house when the furnace came on. That could push dust and fumes up into the house. If you also ran a return duct, you may get real lucky and not be pressurizing with respect to the rest of the house. However, you would also be sucking shop air into your ducts… I’ll let you ponder that for a sec. Regardless of that, the thermostat will be up in the living space so you may not get much heat down there anyways. I’d say Shannon was right on this one. Insulating the walls with rigid foam wouldn’t hurt either.


    • Thanks Kevin. That’s a really good point. No equipment markup so they have to make it worth their time just on labor. And concerning the supply duct in the basement, that was actually me who was right. I simply cannot let Shannon get credit for me being right. It would screw up my average. 🙂

      • Ah, sorry, bout that. You did bring up the point about it being a different space and that’s the right way to think about it. Bonus points for grasping the building science concept. It’s essentially outside of his conditioned space (i.e “outside”) even if the furnace is down there – the ducts are not connected to it. Shannon gets partial credit for the space heater idea. There, that sounds fair.


        PS. Also an unconditioned basement woodworker so I should probably contribute a possible solution. I have insulated my basement but there is no heat source down there (yet). I do exactly what Shannon said and use a space heater to get it up to the 60 degree range. To overcome fume issues I have a large squirrel cage type type fan that a previous home owner had mounted in a window. This does cool it down but it helps keep the fumes from being pulled up into the house. Basically it has enough pull to overcome the “stack effect” that pulls the air up into your house under normal conditions. For a more belts and suspenders approach, make sure all exhaust fans in the living space are off when applying a finish. Those would be bath fans, kitchen hood fans and your dryer. Those will act to pull air up from the basement. Hope this helps!

  2. #ThumbsUp on the reply guys – I appreciate your answers to my questions on flooring. I hadn’t thought about the potential need to replace a floor panel. Though I don’t own a SawStop (Santa are you listening?), and am not as bulked up as Matt so cannot bench press one of those bad boys anyway, I agree there may be a need to replace one. Such as, when we move out the stains may not appeal to the next buyers… Also, if I find I do need an acoustic treatment, I can always pull up panels and install that between layers. So I plan to follow your advice and install T&G plywood over the existing ply. I’ll shoot you a photo when we’re all moved in.

  3. Shannon says Sturbridge village is “super super hokie”. I say…Shannon is a pompous ignorant ass.

    As a “woodworker” or “ice-cream scoop maker” you should have some respect.

    My father is one of the curators at the village and works very hard in the upkeep, procurement, and authenticity of many priceless pieces of furniture.

    • Sorry to hear that A. Sandino. All I can say is I visited this past summer and I did not have a good time. It felt much like Disneyland. Don’t get me wrong, I love Disneyland but in comparison to other living history museums like Williamsburg, Old St Mary’s City, Plimoth, Jamestown, etc it didn’t have the same feel. I will add that there was some kind of special event going on and perhaps that clouded my experience. I’ll tell you what, let me know what I’m missing and I will be sure to check it out this August when I’m passing through again. In fact if you want to show me around I would be thrilled to get an informed perspective.

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