WT359 – Free Donuts

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On today’s show, we’re talking about extra jointer support, taming tapers, diamond vs water stones, and leaving the bark on

What’s On the Bench

  • Marc cleaned his grill
  • Matt is stacking lumber
  • Shannon installed his new floor and made a Sistrum

What’s New

  • Wanna build a planer sled?
  • Brian Boggs has redesigned his iconic shaving horse and is selling plans
  • Check out the No Lathe Pen Challenge
  • Potential Export tax coming out of Myanmar on Teak
  • TODAY is the last day for early bird pricing (save $80) at Fine Woodworking Live


  • Ash called in about the strange table saw noise
  • Ben called in to remind us that some of the masters are producing content: Curtis Buchanan is one of them
  • Mark has some great information on how rubber flooring breaks the thermal barrier
  • Allen wants to know why Shannon is bad mouthing biscuits
  • Andrew says sandblasting wood is not a new thing
  • Kyle says to determine if wood is air dried, ask the seller


  • Stew wants to know more about infeed/outfeed support on a jointer


  • Rob is looking for advice on creating tapers by hand
  • Nick wants to know how to keep the bark from falling off some slab benches he is making
  • Chuck is wondering about switching to diamond stones

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13 Responses to “WT359 – Free Donuts”

  1. I am interested in Shannon’s work insights. I do not think you need a new segment, just include any new news in the Whats New segment.
    Great show

  2. Regarding the cost of slabs:

    A big part of the cost of slabs comes from the increasing scarcity of 2+ foot wide trees. Add to that the amount of time needed to replace that tree and it is easier to see why the cost is rising.

    I imagine that you also get less overall yield milling a tree specifically for large slabs but not sure.

  3. Definitely interested in the lumber business stuff. Always interesting to see how the donuts are made.

    Thanks for including my “No Lathe” video, I appreciate it!

  4. Shannon, I looked at the DMT website after you mentioned the MagnaBase and for the life of me I couldn’t find out where to get the extra-fine/extra-extra-fine option. The only seem to offer extra-fine/fine and coarse/extra-coarse. I appear the largest continuous bench stone they offer in extra-extra-fine is the 8″.

    Do you have the double secret inside direct hook up for this mysterious extra-extra-fine MagnaBase, or were your synapses just getting discombobulated by Matt’s double double chocolate donut?



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