WT 391- Shannon Gets Kicked Off the Show

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On today’s show we’re talking about, Marc’s rusty planes and¬†Milling and Drying live oak.

What’s On the Bench

  • Shannon is building a workbench up in Maine
  • Marc is working on the Guild site upgrade
  • Matt is starting the highboy build

What’s New

  • Nick Offerman on Wired reading woodworking questions
  • Father and Son making a kid’s workbench
  • Woodswimmer WoodSwimmer from bfophoto on Vimeo.
  • James is experimenting with rocket powered hand planes!
  • Al shared a close call video with a linseed oil soaked rag.


  • Dan says “invariably”
  • Tommasso shares his thoughts on CAD software


  • Alex has a question about content and a woodworking business
  • Ashley wants to know “what’s the deal with upholstery?” Good book: “Upholstery: A Complete Course


  • Michael wants to know what Marc’s plan is for rust prevention now that he is out of the desert.
  • Charles has questions about Matt’s mill and how milling Live Oak might differ due to its twisty nature.
  • Matt blued his bowl gouge and wonders how to fix it.

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10 Responses to “WT 391- Shannon Gets Kicked Off the Show”

  1. I have never taken psychedelic drugs before but I feel like that Woodshimmer video could be close to the feeling. I was not ready for that at 8am.

  2. Look up “The Furniture Guys” or “Furniture to Go” on YouTube – they always had an upholstery segment on the show. Real traditional, using horse haaar and tacks. This is also where I learned about a “spit coat” of shellac for finishing.

  3. Guests at the Embassy Suites during WIA in 2013 got a first-hand demonstration of oily rags spontaneously combusting. Most of us (except Marc) were dragged out of bed by fire alarms at 2am. Turns out the culprit was a pile of oily rags in the kitchen. Luckily, they were only smoldering and hadn’t flared up, so we were all able to make it to Roy’s morning presentation.

  4. Hey Guys, I just wanted to comment on Michael’s rust question. I live in Florida, about 2 miles from the water. The humidity here is always sky high. That being said, I have a wall hanging tool cabinet, and I have no issues with rust on any of my tools. Every once in a while I rub wax on my tools, maybe once a year. Also, I did Paul seller’s can with a rag saturated with 3 in 1 oil. I just rub that over my main tools every couple weeks. Thanks!

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