Wood Talk Show Archive

  • Board Meetings #2

    Prefinishing panels, Tried & True safety considerations, and making a hollow column.

  • Wood Talk Online Radio #82

    Taxes, the future of woodworking, and a butt load of content from the magazines, blogs, and forums

  • Wood Talk #81

    Bad April Fools Jokes, what saws a beginning woodworker really needs, how to tune up an old hand plane, as well as a butt load of content from the magazines, blogs, and forums.

  • Board Meetings #1

    A new audio show answering YOUR questions and woodworking dilemmas!

  • Wood Talk #80

    Hand planing, Popular Woodworking’s new site, setting up shop, as well as our favorite articles, blog posts, and Wood Talk Online Forum posts.

  • Wood Talk #79

    Plywood’s place in fine furniture, Fine Woodworking’s new site, as well as our favorite articles, blog posts, and Wood Talk Online forum posts.

  • Wood Talk #78

    Dust collectors, Thien Baffle, Woodshop the Movie, Woodworking Can Pay Your Bills.

  • Wood Talk #77

    Bandsaws, resawing, first aid, Vic’s cradle, and much more!

  • Wood Talk #76

    A show with very little planning. Just how we like it!

  • Wood Talk #75

    A special Wood Talk Online on location at the Woodworking in America Conference 2010.

  • Wood Talk #74

    The WIA classes we are most looking forward to, low angle vs high angle planes, and can you live without a tablesaw?

  • Wood Talk #73

    The woodworking styles you should probably get to know, our favorite recent woodworking articles, some cool crap going on in the forums and a discussion of furniture styles.

  • Wood Talk #72

    Eye injuries, Popular Woodworking’s new format, and Fine Woodworking’s call for bloggers.

  • Wood Talk #71

    Pore-Filling, Glen Drake dovetail saw and the woodworking Project Bucket List.

  • Wood Talk #70

    Workshop security, specialty blades, Twitter woodworking, Festool at Walmart???

  • Wood Talk – #69

    Safety Week 2010, Woodworking in America Schedules, Blotch Control from Charles Neil.

  • Wood Talk – #68

    Using hand tools, the differences/uses of rabbet vs shoulder vs plow vs router planes, and learning ww’ing from books and videos alone.

  • Wood Talk Online – #67

    Popular Woodworking round table discussion, Veritas Detail Rabbet Planes, Woodworkers Fighting Cancer, Bob Rozaieski from the Logan Cabinet Shoppe, The American Craftsman Workshop, and the tablesaw injury report.

  • Wood Talk Online – #66

    Shannon Rogers joins us as a special guest.

  • Wood Talk Online – #65

    Lumberjocks Winter Awards, New Yankee Online, waterstone holders, chisels, and more!

  • Wood Talk Online – #64

    Fine Woodworking’s new Knots forum, Lumberjocks Winter Awards, Czech Edge Tools new rule stop, Lead, and Roy Underhill’s new school.

  • Wood Talk – #63

    David Marks Bandsawn Veneers DVD, the Leigh Super FMT, hand-carved Christmas ornaments, combination tablesaw blades, Charles Brock rocker plan, and a torsion box workbench.

  • Wood Talk Online – #62

    Marc comes on to give folks a quick update before the Thanksgiving holiday and Matt gives us a little pre-recorded holiday wish.

  • Wood Talk Online – #61

    Norm Abram of the New Yankee Workshop retires, green finishing with Michael Dresdner, Build or Buy, ID Wood iPhone App, and woodworking school or business school?

  • Wood Talk – #60

    Blotching, biscuits, magnifying glasses, shorts, and glue bonds.

  • Wood Talk – #59

    Wood Talk Episode 59.

  • Wood Talk – #58

    Wood Talk Episode 58.

  • Wood Talk – #57

    Live from AWFS 2009!

  • Wood Talk – #56

    Wood Talk – #56

  • Wood Talk – #55

    Wood Talk – #55

  • Wood Talk – #54

    Sawdust Chronicles 30-day Challenge, Woodworkers Safety Week 2009, battery charger fire, Woodworking in America, woodworking resources in Europe, refinishing a gun stock, and how to get through the painful learning curves of woodworking.

  • Wood Talk – #53

    2 Year Anniversary Show! We’ve been sponsored by one of the most popular knitting podcasts out there, Nuttin’ Wrong with Knittin’!

  • Wood Talk – #52

    http://archive.org/download/thewoodwhisperer_gmail_WT63/WT_52.mp3Download Mp3What’s on the Bench? Marc recently had a class at the William Ng School with Darrell Peart and was able to visit the The Gamble House. He also had an opportunity to get some hands on time with the John Hall frame he plans to build soon. Matt is in a late winter slump […]

  • Wood Talk – #51

    http://archive.org/download/thewoodwhisperer_gmail_WT63/WT_51.mp3Download Mp3What’s on the Bench? Marc had some trouble hammering small nails, and accidentally sprayed a bunch of finish without the organic filters on his respirator. Marc also shows off his new Leigh Hold Down Clamps. Matt gives us a brief review of his new Wood River hand planes. Matt also had his first experience […]

  • Wood Talk – #50

    SketchUp for Woodworkers free SketchUp tutorials, Malcom Tibbits amazing segmented turnings, an old Delta ad, Dude Craft, and An Axe to Grind.

  • Wood Talk – #49

    Popular Woodworking goes digital, the new MattsBasementWorkshop.com, the International Builder’s Show, and the Leg Up.

  • Wood Talk – #48

    http://archive.org/download/thewoodwhisperer_gmail_WT63/WT_48.mp3Download Mp3Status Report: Marc and Matt start off by trading stories about their 2008 holiday adventures. Around the Web: The HandyGuysPodcast – A great DIY podcast! The Timber Kid – A new podcast from a very cool 15 year old in the UK. News: Latest Woodwright Shop shows available online at PBS.org Hot Deals: Highland […]

  • Wood Talk – #47

    http://archive.org/download/thewoodwhisperer_gmail_WT63/WT_47.mp3Download Mp3Status Report: Marc’s small entertainment center project was just published on FineWoodworking.com and spent the day playing with his hand planes. Matt is rediscovering why he HATES stains. Around the Web: Help out a great international cause: http://jdlohrwood.com. Kari’s from The Village Carpenter made up a great list, “You Know You’re a Woodworker When…” […]

  • Wood Talk – #46

    http://archive.org/download/thewoodwhisperer_gmail_WT63/WT_46.mp3Download Mp3Status Report: Marc isn’t doing much woodworking right now, with his articles and preparation for his upcoming trip to the Atlanta Woodcraft store. Matt has been making a skateboard with his kids and is still reminiscing about the good times had at Woodworking in America. Around the Web: Owner of Sawstop demos the braking […]

  • Wood Talk – #45

    http://archive.org/download/thewoodwhisperer_gmail_WT63/WT_45.mp3Download Mp3Status Report: Marc is finishing up the holiday projects, a magazine rack and small clock. Matt is trying an old rust removal technique that’s all natural and even tasty! Around the Web: A New Tool Deal Everyday from Toolking! Some great content at the ToolCrib Blog News: New Giveaway- Some great Lee Valley schwag, […]

  • Wood Talk – #44

    http://archive.org/download/thewoodwhisperer_gmail_WT63/WT_44.mp3Download Mp3Status Report: Marc delivered the gadget station to Leo Laporte, and had a chance to visit David Marks while he was there. What at Leo’s TWiT Cottage, Marc had a chance to meet Cali Lewis from GeekBrief.TV. Matt has been playing with his new Veritas Skew Plane and Plow Plane. He also finally got […]

  • Wood Talk – #43

    http://archive.org/download/thewoodwhisperer_gmail_WT63/WT_43.mp3Download Mp3Status Report: Marc has FINALLY finished the gadget station and plans on delivering it next week. While in the area, he is also going to have a visit with the one and only David Marks. Matt decided to rearrange his shop tools recently and is apparently going to start writing a new book entitled, […]

  • Wood Talk – #42

    http://archive.org/download/thewoodwhisperer_gmail_WT63/WT_42.mp3Download Mp3Status Report: Marc talks about his recent router table injury and his experiences with both the Laguna Resaw King bandsaw blade and the Final Cut tablesaw blade. Matt just completed the chisel plane build and confessed that he purchase pre-made legs for an office desk. He is also continuing his experimentation with spokeshaves. Around […]

  • Wood Talk – #41

    http://archive.org/download/thewoodwhisperer_gmail_WT63/WT_41.mp3Download Mp3Status Report: Where have we been for nearly 2 months?!?!?! Marc gives a Gadget Station update and talks about the “project hump.” Matt announces that his next project will be a bedside table for Madison. Around the Web: Working Wood by Tom Fidgen Luthiercast Upholstered Chair Project Video News: Final Cut sawblades. Amana’s In-Tech […]

  • Wood Talk – #40

    A quick announcement and some listener emails.

  • Wood Talk Online – #39

    http://archive.org/download/thewoodwhisperer_gmail_WT63/WT_39.mp3Download Mp3Status Report: Marc goes into a bit more detail on his Gadget Station: grain direction and acclimation. Matt is making his new bench out of……….(drum roll)……….PLYWOOD! Around the Web: If you aren’t on Twitter, you are missing out on the fun! We also review Charles Neils website, AntiquesBuiltDaily.com. Charles has a great collection of […]

  • Wood Talk Online – #38

    http://archive.org/download/thewoodwhisperer_gmail_WT63/WT_38.mp3Download Mp3Status Report: Marc mentions his Viewer Survey and the upcoming project: the Gadget Station. Matt is finishing the release of his awesome Child’s Bookcase project. Around the Web: We review Wood Shop Demos. This is a great site for seeing demos of numerous woodworking products, from unpacking to usage. Its a must see! John […]

  • Wood Talk Online – #37

    http://archive.org/download/thewoodwhisperer_gmail_WT63/WT_37.mp3Download Mp3We are trying a new format for this show, where we actually have a number of segments including News, Hot Deals, Around the Web, and more…. Status Report: Marc has a new column in Popular Woodworking Magazine and is currently working on an entertainment center. Matt is finishing up his series on a very […]

  • Wood Talk Online – #36

    http://archive.org/download/thewoodwhisperer_gmail_WT63/WT_36.mp3Download Mp3Topics: A Safety Week recap. Matt’s upcoming steam bending class. A reminder about Woodworking in America– Hand Tool & Technique Conference: Nov. 14th-16th in Berea, KY. A voicemail about hickory and color change from Denis, the Teenage Woodworker, and a voicemail from Craig about jointing boards with a hand plane and possible glue up […]

  • Wood Talk Online – #35

    http://archive.org/download/thewoodwhisperer_gmail_WT63/WT_35.mp3Download Mp3Topics: Marc’s visit with Popular Woodworking and the Wood Werks Supply Inc., and Woodworker’s Safety Week. Voicemails about bandsaw blade sparks, flattening waterstones, and vacuum veneer press systems. We also discussed a really cool woodworking event coming up: Woodworking in America– Hand Tool & Technique Conference: Nov. 14th-16th in Berea, KY. Appearances by Roy […]

  • Wood Talk Online – #34

    http://archive.org/download/thewoodwhisperer_gmail_WT63/WT_34.mp3Download Mp3Topics April is turning out to be a very busy month with lots of travel. Marc recently attended the Festool Grand Opening event. Matt went to a Lie-Nielsen tool seminar/demo last weekend. Improper safety techniques in a woodworking class. The announcement of the first annual Woodworker’s Safety Week (May 5th – May 9th). We […]

  • Wood Talk Online – #33

    The one year anniversary of Wood Talk Online. Matt’s class with The Schwarz.

  • Wood Talk Online #32

    Marc’s new finishing room, The Earlex Spray Station, self-cleaning blast gates, “lazy people food”, taking photos of your work, accepting credit cards, and dyed through tenons.

  • Wood Talk #31

    Kaleo Kala’s visit to Marc’s shop, “The Schwarz”, woodworking classes, Lie Nielsen’s backorder, new tools from Festool and Powermatic, Forstner bits without spurs, and milling lumber with only a planer and a router table.

  • Wood Talk Online #30

    Lee Valley’s Catalog, Matt shaving with his chisels, the concept of designing on the fly, woodworking clubs, fitting drawers, safety gear, filling termite holes, biographical woodworking books, and router bit diameter

  • Wood Talk Online #29

    Woodworking shows, analyzing projects, Earlex HVLP, blade guards/splitters, and more!

  • Wood Talk Online – #28

    The latest season of New Yankee Workshop. New podcasts, Modernwoodshop and Teenage Woodworker, new European plunge cut saws, Chris Scwarz being the Oprah of the woodworking world, upgrading tools vs buying new.

  • Wood Talk Online – #27

    http://archive.org/download/thewoodwhisperer_gmail_WT63/WT_27.mp3Download Mp3We covered a bunch of topics in Episode 27, including The Wood Whisperer Network, Kaleo’s new baby Taz, Christmas gifts, Matt’s Stretchy Pants, Chris Schwarz’s new book Workbenches, the new Woodworking Magazine announcement, flattening workbenches, and new changes at The Woodworking Channel. We also answered a few great emails. David wanted our opinions concerning […]

  • Wood Talk Online – #26

    Tis the time for pre-holiday happenings!

  • Wood Talk – #25

    Marc is currently working on a sculpted end-table and for The Wood Whisperer and Matt brings up his concerns about The Woodworking Shows.

  • Wood Talk – #24

    Our dream Christmas lists!

  • Wood Talk – #23

    http://archive.org/download/thewoodwhisperer_gmail_WT63/WT_23.mp3Download Mp3Welcome to Wood Talk Online Episode 23. As always, if you have a question or comment, you can email us at woodtalkonline@gmail.com or leave us a message at 623-242-5180. We had a few audio issues in this episode so please bear with us. This week we are graced, once again, with the presence of […]

  • Wood Talk – #22

    BBQ Wood Flavors, Bill Pentz dust collection, Festool TS55 and MFT replacing the tablesaw, furniture dimensions, and finishing the inside of furniture.

  • Wood Talk – #21

    http://archive.org/download/thewoodwhisperer_gmail_WT63/WT_21.mp3Download Mp3It’s the beginning of November and it’s time to announce another winner of the Woodslicer Resaw Bandsaw Blade from the great folks over at Highland Woodworking. So congratulations to Dan Messina!! Today’s episode is a lot different than most and you get a little trick or treat to round out October. Marc and Matt […]

  • Wood Talk – #20

    http://archive.org/download/thewoodwhisperer_gmail_WT63/WT_20.mp3Download Mp3It’s time for another episode of Wood Talk Online and our hosts are at the height of their tangent-ny goodness. Marc mentioned a new set of videos available at Finewoodworking.com called Getting Started in Woodworking. Marc also mentioned that he decided it’s time to start thinking about going green and introduced the subject of […]

  • Wood Talk Online – #19

    Tom Iovino joins us for an email Q&A show. Topics include Performax drum sanders, finishing toys, the Festool Domino, and cross-cut saw blades.

  • Wood Talk Online – #18

    http://archive.org/download/thewoodwhisperer_gmail_WT63/WT_18.mp3Download Mp3Welcome back to Wood Talk Online. The woodworking season is underway and your emails are rolling in as we speak. So if you have a question, comment or some feedback regarding something you’ve heard here at WTO send us an email at woodtalkonline@gmail.com or call us at our voicemail (623) 242-2450. Marc starts us […]

  • Wood Talk Online – #17

    http://archive.org/download/thewoodwhisperer_gmail_WT63/WT_17.mp3Download Mp3The end of summer is not only traditionally the time of year when school starts back up, it’s also when most woodworkers head back into their shops and start cranking out all those projects that were neglected because of too much summer fun and frolicking…or perhaps heat. So in this episode of Wood Talk […]

  • Wood Talk Online – #16

    Power carving, table lubricant, blanket chest finish, SawStop, and more!

  • Wood Talk Online – #15

    http://archive.org/download/WoodTalkOnlineRadio9-15/WoodTalkOnline15.mp3Download Mp3You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. We now have an actual phone number for leaving voicemail messages! The number is. Just dial 623-242-2450 and leave us a message – it’s not a toll free call, unless you live near Marc – but it’s worth every penny! Of course you can still email us at […]

  • Wood Talk – #14

    Topics include flush trim bits, AWFS Las Vegas, riving knifes, Marc’s interview with David Marks, meeting Norm Abram, and the Festool Domino.

  • Wood Talk Online – #13

    A basic review of oils, varnishes, and oil/varnish blends.

  • Wood Talk Online – #12

    Another great episode. Preventing rot in outdoor woods, good hardwoods for a beginner, tool selection, and dust collection myths.

  • Wood Talk Online – #11

    https://s3.amazonaws.com/woodtalk/WT_011.mp3Download Mp3Matt mentioned a recent article in Woodcraft Magazine citing a statistic released by the CDC regarding the dramatic rise in nail gun injuries due to the increased use of pneumatic nailers. We had two great voicemails, first was a question from Hloakes about the advantages of using plywood vs. dimensional lumber. The second email […]

  • Wood Talk – #10

    Wood toxicity and allergies, AWFS, air compressors, brad nails, PM66 vs PM2000, diamond stones, double stick tape, and spiral cutter heads.

  • Wood Talk – #9

    Another rapid-fire email episode and a few voicemails.

  • Wood Talk #8

    https://archive.org/download/thewoodwhisperer_gmail_WT13_20190612/WT_08.mp3Download Mp3In this episode Marc and Matt have lots to talk about. Such topics as posting the winners of the Video Shop Tour Challenge to the great marketing ideas from Rockler. Marc also gives valuable insight on his new Makita drill. Also a very interesting survey was reviewed by Marc and Matt from Cabinet Maker […]

  • Wood Talk #7

    Router bit of the month, drill presses, favorite finishes, and your emails and voicemails.

  • Wood Talk #6

    2-part epoxy finishes, gluing large panels, joinery comparison, tearout preventing, and essential hand tool skills.

  • Wood Talk #5

    https://archive.org/download/thewoodwhisperer_gmail_WT13_20190612/WT_05.mp3Download Mp3This episode starts with a discussion on woodworking products based on Matt’s and Marc’s experiences. Matt is loving his new jointer and his ability to square things off in one pass! Marc discusses a new find, Magswitch magnets. They are awesome switchable magnets which provide a more efficient way to clamp and hold your […]

  • Wood Talk #4

    How to select rough lumber, bandsaw drift, squaring stock without a jointer, favorite bandaids, finishing books, and HVLP compressor requirements.

  • Wood Talk – #3

    HVLP, spray booths, SketchUp, shop sound-proofing, wood fillers, Sears Carvewright, and how to flatten a board without a jointer or planer.

  • Wood Talk – #2

    Matt’s slant-front desk, Marc’s new garage doors, wood storage, narrowing down design options for customers, antique hand-tool restoration, and when to use nails and screws.

  • Wood Talk – #1

    The first episode of Wood Talk Online.