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Marc Spagnuolo

yeahthatsmeMarc is a podcaster, video producer, woodworking enthusiast, and author of the book Hybrid Woodworking. He has contributed articles and video content to FineWoodworking.com, Popular Woodworking Magazine, WOOD Magazine, and Woodcraft Magazine. He is also the host of The Wood Whisperer, an instructional woodworking video series that’s been going strong since 2006. He also provides intensive woodworking courses in The Wood Whisperer Guild.

When not woodworking and building furniture, Marc can usually be found looking at his tattoos, reading comic books, and teaching his son the ways of the nerd.

Shannon Rogers

ShannonShannon is one of those weird woodworkers who willingly sold off all his power tools so that he can build stuff using only hand tools. A love of hand tools and history is what drives him to do things the hard way which is in direct counterpoint to his day job as a digital marketer and his night job where he teaches hand tool woodworking online using fancy computers and cameras and new-agey electrical stuff.

His blog and podcast is The Renaissance Woodworker and he also teaches through his paid membership site The Hand Tool School.


Matt Cremona


Young woodworking elitist who’s too busy grooming his beard to write a proper bio for the About page.





Previous Host:

Matt Vanderlist

matt-sexyMatt is a co-creator and original co-host who appeared on Wood Talk through 2015 up to Episode 288. Matt is the host and creator of Matt’s Basement Workshop, the first and longest running podcast dedicated to the home and hobbyist woodworker. Podcasting since 2006 he was one of the early pioneers in the online woodworking community.

Matt is also the host of the popular “Spoken Wood” podcast, a frequent guest on other woodworking podcasts, and blogs. When he’s not podcasting, or in his wood shop he enjoys time with his family and practicing his chortles.

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